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178 pages

This Lent book seeks to keep together the observance of Lent and Easter. These meditations begin on Ash Wednesday with Jesus in the wilderness being tempted by the Devil, and continue for the week after Easter Sunday exploring the implications of the events of Easter.

Tom Wright argues that keeping Lent and Easter together helps us to combine lament and celebration as we reflect on the person and work of Jesus.

“It is easy when carried away with the joy of gospel to ignore the fact that the world is still in a mess; that the Church is often muddled and sinful; that we ourselves still fail miserably in our love for God and for one another.”

“Keeping the season of Easter is not whistling in the dark. It is opening our eyes to the light – and in astonished gratitude, determining day by day to live in that light.”

The author keeping these two motifs in mind helpfully leads us through the Christian story that leads to resurrection, while reminding us that Jesus is the Man of Sorrows, who is acquainted with grief.

This is a substantial and compelling Lent Guide, that I aim to be using with profit.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex. He is Director of Training at the School of Preachers in Riga, Latvia.