Edited by Stephen Poxon
ISBN 978 1 78893 310 0
Price £17.99
394 pages

As a young Christian I found books by Michael Green a great help. Then in the early years of being a pastor I found Green’s books, especially on evangelism to be really stimulating.

His two big books on evangelism were some of the resources that Timothy Keller used when thinking though the type of church he was planting in New York City. These books also shaped the way I thought about telling people about Jesus.

His books I Believe in the Holy Spirit, I Believe in Satan’s Downfall and The Empty Cross of Jesus all came across my desk when I needed to think clearly about these issues. Michael Green is such a good communicator, and served as a role model for many in my generation when it came to how to connect effectively with the contemporary world.

Reading through this sensitively curated selection from Green’s back catalogue was like taking a walk down memory lane. Three things strike me about this collection:

• The simplicity, directness, and immediacy of Green’s writing style
• The wide range of topics on which Green wrote a command of his subject and clarity of expression
• Despite being drawn from Green’s many and varied writings these extracts stand up well in 2023

This book might serve as a good spiritual companion for 2024 and prompt some readers to think about delving into some more of Green’s 70 books.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex. He is Director of Training at the School of Preachers in Riga, Latvia.