An innovative gospel outreach over the Pentecost weekend went ahead despite the current hostile environment toward followers of Jesus in Jerusalem, sparking interest among hundreds of Jewish people wanting to dig deeper into the claims of Jesus, International Mission to Jewish People reported today.

Specifically designed for those who had lived through the Holocaust, the five-day outreach comprised four individual tours of biblical sites in Galilee. It culminated in a concert featuring performances by local musicians, who themselves were also Jewish believers in Jesus, and a gospel presentation by International Mission to Jewish People missionary, Aviel Sela (pictured right).

In total organisers reported that more than 200 people joined the evangelistic tours to visit biblical sites around Israel and 185 Jewish people attended the concert, 156 of whom gave their contact details so they could stay in touch and took away Christian books.

Joseph Steinberg, CEO of International Mission to Jewish People said; “This practical and innovative approach to mission, where we first take people to key biblical sites such as the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, makes Jesus real as people can visualise him walking and talking to the people of the day. The tours show that Jesus was not just from the Jewish people but also for Jewish people today.”

Aviel Sala, said; “Several days after the outreach I visited Judit, a Holocaust survivor in her eighties. We opened the Bible to the Psalms and God moved in her heart as she invited Jesus into her life. We are now putting in place a plan to follow up everyone who attended the outreach and indicated they wanted to know more about the Messiah Jesus.”