Decades of helping the poor in Ethiopia has led to the publication of a book of biblical reflections.

Bible Reflections from a life devoted to the poor by Jember Teferra, is a devotional book of Bible reflections from a lady who changed the lives of thousands in her country of Ethiopia. It has been edited and compiled by Sheila Johnson, along with Arthur Champion.

Born into relative luxury, Jember had a desire to help those less fortunate than herself from an early age. In the 1980s, under the Communist Regime, Jember and her husband Hailegiorgis were imprisoned for a number of years, even though they were parents of very young children at the time. But with her strong Christian faith, Jember began teaching and helping the other inmates and her desire grew to help the poorest of the poor in her country.

“I cannot put blinkers on and ignore what I see around me – it is not making me comfortable. I feel that God has not meant human beings to be so degraded, living lives worse than that of a stray dog. These people don’t have access to the most basic human needs. Many live in simple cardboard shelters which give them no protection against the elements. A lot of the children don’t have any time for schooling, having to work four to five hours a day. Young people are often forced into taking up a life of crime on the streets and the old beg.”

Jember’s faith and determination shine through her Bible reflections, which are explained through the history of her life and enhanced by full-colour photographs.

The book costs £10 to cover printing costs, but donations over and above this go to two charities – Birhan College (the beacon in the slum) which trains up other workers to sustain and continue the work of the projects, and Tesfa Trust, which supports young children and the elderly in the projects.

You can buy a copy of Jemba’s book by emailing Sheila Johnson at