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206 pages

This is an honest, well-written, and wide-ranging book on a vital topic. It’s also a story that needs to be told; one that needs to be heard, especially by men in Christian leadership.

I fear that for many men this is not the kind of book that they might read. They might be put off by the title, which does not entirely convey what is going on in the book. The subtitle: Being a woman in a church led by men, is a better description of what is in the tin.

The author writes as an insider concerning what it feels like to be a women in predominantly male-led churches. The author is careful to accurately represent opinions which she does not share. On the record comments by prominent church leaders are at times plain shocking and inexcusable, as are many of the actions of so-called Christian men.

The book is enhanced by some guest chapters from, amongst others, an Olympian, a comedian and a model; these open windows on ways that life often seems stacked against women.

One of the things I especially appreciate about Notes on Feminism was its overall tone. The author has some hard things to say about how woman have fared in society in general and the Church in particular, but does so with an eirenic tone and lightness of touch.

Some might find some of the humour flies a bit close to the wind at times, but I guess that it might be a case of: “If I don’t laugh, I will cry!”

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John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex. He is also Director of Training at the School of Preachers in Riga, Latvia.