With rampant inflation and millions of households facing food and fuel poverty this winter, £500,000 of Benefact Trust funding has been allocated to three major Christian charities relieving the impact of the Cost of Living Crisis here, in the UK and in Ireland.

A spokesperson commented: “We’re all painfully aware of rising energy prices, mortgage rates and food shopping bills; the last year has seen double-figure inflation, and that impacts all of us. But for the poorest 10% of households*, the impact of inflation is significantly higher. That’s because families on low incomes have to spend a much greater proportion of their income on food and energy.

“This year we’re seeing a crisis emerge which affects much of the population, and in which low-income families are being forced to make a choice between putting on their heating … and putting a meal on the table.

“That’s why Benefact Trust is awarding grants to charity partners that are working to ensure people are both warm and well-fed this winter. The Trust is committing £500,000 in funding with grants of £275,000 being distributed immediately to the following organisations:

  • The Trussell Trust supports more than 1,300 food bank centres across the UK – providing emergency food and support to people locked in poverty. This year the Trust has already seen a 33% increase in the need for food parcels and a 140% increase in calls to their ‘Help Through Hardship’ Helpline.
  • Depaul UK and Depaul Ireland are Vincentian charities whose mission is to end homelessness and change the lives of those affected by it. They provide accommodation and support services that help some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Depaul UK specialise in working with young people whether through emergency accommodation, family support and mediation or by helping them navigate the Cost of Living Crisis.
  • Warm Welcome Campaign is a brand new, collaborative response to the Cost of Living Crisis organised by The Churchworks Commission, in partnership with churches and community groups across the UK and run mainly by volunteers. The campaign has already registered over 3,000 organisations who are opening free, warm, and welcoming spaces for the public, helping people to stay warm this winter.”

Lesley King-Lewis, Trust Director for Benefact Trust, added: “There are so many people who are understandably worried for their future and are having to choose between buying food for their families and keeping the heating on. We simply can’t stand by and do nothing.”

Sarah Williams, Director of Philanthropy and Partnerships at Depaul UK, said: “Thanks to the generous support of Benefact Trust, Depaul will be able be able to deliver a crisis response education programme to help young people manage their finances and provide emergency grants to support those in greatest need. Together, we can keep young people safe and supported towards a brighter future.”

Benefact Trust is committed to supporting Christian organisations who are working hard to relieve human suffering. As the Cost of Living Crisis bites even deeper this winter, the Trust has said it wants to make sure that no-one is left without warmth and food – which is why they’ll be announcing a further £225,000 allocation of funds in the near future.

*Source: Cost-of-living gap between rich and poor hits fresh high, as effective inflation rate for low-income households hits 12.5 per cent