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Dorset-based former professional chef Andy Oliver (30) got in touch to tell us about his new Christian clothing company …

70x7 Clothing was established in May this year, taking its inspiration from Matthew 18:22 where Jesus speaks of forgiving someone 70x7 times.

“I became a Christian when I was 24 and when I prayed for God to use me, I started designing artwork, and through prayer this led to me starting 70x7.

Our clothes are designed so that you can represent Jesus every day in a fashionable and ethically responsible way, with all the threads being sourced from companies part of the FairWear Foundation.

“The idea of the 70x7 label came from wanting to create something clean and fresh, a collection of apparel which was decisive, honest and simple which could represent Jesus in a clear and modern way, which could reach everyone no matter who they are or where they’re from”.

Coming out of the 70x7 brand is something I’ve been praying through for a which is to bring the gospel to the streets in a new and innovative way through free live music events (hiphop, rap, rock and metal) where we are showcasing UK Christian artists and trying to show people that being a Christian we still know how to have fun. At the events we will be giving out free gifts and lifting up Jesus’ name with pure and relevant gospel music.

“There is an urgent need in our changing world to share the gospel of Jesus in culturally relevant ways. The message of Christ crucified stays the same, but how we deliver it has to change as culture changes around us.

“Our first event is booked in for Sunday 25 September at The Canvas Club in Bournemouth, Dorset. I hope to do a lot more and am already planning a Christmas music event.

“At the moment I am funding the shows by myself which can be quite costly when you add in venue hire, sound guy, artists costs and travel expenses. Anyone who would like to support this work and partner with me can find out more here.

“I want to live for God, who saved me.”

Twitter - @70x7_clothing


Don’t Think You Don’t Make a Difference
Don’t think you’re insignificant.                                                     
Don’t think you don’t count.
Don’t think you’re too small to matter.
Don’t think no one notices you. Don’t think you don’t count,
For you do count. For you are important to Me.
I notice you. You are mine.
You make a difference. Your light can shine.
For I need you in this world to make a difference.
You share in My cross. You count for Me.
So you lift up your head. You speak out.
You smile. You sing. You Love. You care.
And you will make the difference in this world
that I have planned for you to make.
For you are My representative,
For you are My ambassador.
You are My light. You are My message.
You are My smile. You are My hands and My feet.
So you go and live for Me and make a difference
in your world where I have placed you to live.
For as you do, My cross will be seen.
My glory will be seen. My love will be seen.
You make a difference.
Olive Denyer (via email)
2 Corinthians 5: 20; Isaiah 6: 8.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Many thanks for your work with Inspire and the encouragement and challenge it brings to our congregation.

David Rawley, Halmer End Methodist Church, Stoke

Inspire will always have a good reception here in Derby. Thank you to your team for the good work of production and sending it so well.

Ken Lewis, Littleover, Derby

Inspire is both encouraging and a good read – thank you and well done.

Russell Elson, Colchester

I certainly remember Inspire in my prayers!

Joan Ward, Barrow-in-Furness

My wife and I have been getting Inspire from church for about a year now and found the Nov/Dec issue the best yet – really interesting articles. Keep it up! Thank you

Mr & Mrs Whitaker, Preston

Inspire is very informative and greatly appreciated by our congregation. May God bless you in all your endeavours.

D Garrett, Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church, Ebbw Vale

Greatly appreciated

Inspire is greatly appreciated by the members of our Chapel – wishing you every blessing on your efforts to bring Jesus to the nation.

Sheila Stitson, Kewstoke Chapel, Weston super Mare

Sending prayerful support for Inspire's continuing success.

Anne Farquhar, Framlingham United Free Church, Woodbridge, Suffolk

Hope during cancer treatment

Your magazine has given me hope in the midst of cancer treatment, and I have learned a lot about our God and my faith. It has made me a better person – I am always learning and wish to learn more.

Colin Chattey, Maldon, Essex

Prize book was inspiring read!

I recently was lucky enough to win The Shepherd's Song in the Giveaways, based on Psalm 23. What an inspiring read – I have passed it to other church members who have also passed it on. It may not travel the world but indeed has made an impact on our village. Thank you Inspire. Once opened it had to be read in one sitting!

Carolyn Cast (via email)


Thanks for Inspire – really good to share with friends and neighbours!

Pam Robertson, Fleet, Hampshire

Many thanks for continuing to send Inspire – very much appreciated.

Ann Akhurst, Bexleyheath, Kent


Read through the generations

The over 50s at our monthly Dinner Days enjoy receiving this great magazine with any spare copies being left on the coffee tables for the mums at our weekly Tiny Tots group. God bless in all you continue to do.

Pam Manley, Good News Church, Harrow Weald, Middlesex


Good way of sharing real life stories

I have greatly appreciated being able to pass on Inspire to the congregations I've been working with over the last few years. It is such a good way of sharing real life stories to inspire Christian faith.

Rev Margaret Harper, Team Vicar, Stretham, Little Thetford and Stuntney


Brilliant magazine – we have many avid readers in the church.

Rod Marshall, Coatbridge Elim Family Church, Coatbridge


Helpful messages

A good read, and helpful messages from God's Word.

R P Hubbard, Walsham-le-Willows, Bury St Edmunds


We all enjoy reading Inspire!

Pat Broomhall, Sutton Coldfield


Read at Messy Church!

Have sent a donation as we have a Messy Church (called TGI Sunday for Thank God It's Sunday) attended by up to 40 people plus two sister churches in our rural benefice and would like to give Inspire out at these. I think it is a great magazine and a good read for Christians and those on the edges.

Ruth Axten, Ellesmere


Encouraging and enlightening

Our congregation enjoy receiving Inspire and find the articles most encouraging and enlightening. Any left over I take to our Methodist Home in Wallington and the residents there can share the stories and the blessings that they give.

God bless you in all your work

Mary Freeman, Cheam Methodist Church, Surrey


Increase our order please

We are delighted with Inspire magazine, which we give to members of the congregation and visitors to our church. We often get comments on how much people have enjoyed reading the articles. Indeed we would like to increase the order to 25 magazines because we now don't have enough to give every regularly attending person/family a copy.

Eric Southwick, Stanley Street Independent Methodist Church


A source of hope

I have been very blessed by Inspire over the years that it has been published and I read it and then pass it on by leaving it in the waiting room of the domestic abuse charity I work at. I am sure that it goes on to inspire many people at a time when they really need to be lifted and find some hope.

Kathy Coe, Director, Pathway Project


Engaging story

I read Brian Greenway's interview in Inspire and found it so engaging ... it's just the kind of story you want to know so much more about! Have read Run Baby Run and thought it was both heart-breaking and inspirational!

Sarah McNeish, Glasgow



The church folk love the magazine – it truly is inspirational.

Irene Munro, Port Glasgow


Help on the street

We continue to find Inspire very helpful when speaking to people on the local high street outside our church. We tell folk they are true stories of how God has helped people in their lives, tell them a little about one of the articles and then most people will accept a copy. We have been using Inspire for six years now.Thank you again for all your hard work in producing such an excellent tool for evangelism.

Raymond and Rosemary Tijou, Haywards Heath


Cover to cover

Thank you for an inspiring publication. When we have read it through, I hand it to my elderly mum who devours it from cover to cover!! God bless you all.

MC James, Manningtree, Essex


Greatly impressed

The June issue was our second copy of Inspire. I've been greatly impressed and will be asking our church leaders about making it available at our church.

Keith Kirby, Surbiton


Giveaway surprise

I was very surprised and pleased to receive a Giveaway prize the other day and just wanted to say thank you!

Keep up the good work at Inspire!

Lydia Groenewald (via email)


May God bless you richly in your faithfulness in this work.

Barbara Cutler, Malvern Evangelical


Inspiring YolanDa!

I have just read the July/August issue of Inspire magazine and was especially moved by the story of YolanDa Brown. What an inspiration she is! Her faith in our God is amazing!

Julie Minter, Portsmouth


Donation from our coffee shop

At Eastgate Baptist Church, we run a weekly coffee shop on Saturday mornings which we open to the public in the Lewes area. On an annual basis all our profits are given to Christian-based organisations and worthy causes. This year we'd like to make a donation towards the cost of producing Inspire magazine, which is read avidly by the public and churchgoers alike.

Tony Walkden, Eastgate Baptist Church, Lewes


Handy for the housebound

Some of our people who are housebound can't wait for the next issue and are always asking when it will be available for them.

Christine Simpson, St David's Church, Broomhouse, Edinburgh


It's a great encouragement!

We try to give copies to different people each time issues are received. We encourage them to pass them on to others - hopefully those outside the church. People say Inspire is a great encouragement to them.

Mrs Thompson, Southwick Methodist, Brighton


Great news about Rosemary

Inspire is encouraging and uplifting – I loved Rosemary Conley's story as I didn't know she was a Christian. I love your jokes on Bits n Pieces as they always put a smile on my face. It's a really good magazine, which is inspirational all the way.

Rachel Friend, Lifegate Free Church, Liverpool


Waiting rooms silent witness

Inspire is announced every month during our notices and members are encouraged to pass copies on, or put them in waiting rooms, so it provides an opportunity for silent witness in the community.

Robert Taylor, United Church, Kingswood, Bristol

Getting the bigger picture

In a small church context, Inspire is very useful because it informs people about what God is doing in the wider Church and beyond.

Paul Gilmour, St Mungo's Church, Maryport, Cumbria


MARCH 2012

Open all hours success

We read about the church which had an open all hours so we decided to try one. It was such a success in reaching our local community that we are planning two for next year.

Eric Southwick, Stanley Street Independent Methodist, Seaham, Co Durham


Support and strength

Arrival of the Inspire mag is looked forward to by people and gives some useful topics of conversation. Copies are left out for outside organisations to pick up and read. These include a bereavement support group, some of whose members have drawn support and strength from the pages of Inspire.

John White, Christ Church URC, Clacton-on-Sea


Great for men's group

Well received and used by a group I run for men's ministry – it offers excellent stories and ideas for us to follow.

Peter Sebbage, St Gregory's Church, Sudbury


I found a wife!

After enjoying some 45 years of happy marriage I lost my wife suddenly. Looking through an Inspire and feeling lonely I found the advert for Christian Connection. After the free trial period I paid for one month. In that time I found a lady who was also widowed. We have now been married for more than two years!

Peter Ponting, Andover Baptist Church, Hampshire


We joined Right to Believe campaign

We were alerted to the campaign to support Right to Believe, the petition for freedom of religion, in one of the Inspire issues. Our two churches joined in signing the petition enthusiastically.

Angela Paisley, St James' Church, Styvechale


Copies go to local surgeries

Any copies left in church when the new edition arrives are placed in doctors/dentists' waiting rooms. I have tried leaving on trains but this is not so successful as after each journey they are cleared away.

Kay Burn, St Andrew's Church, Paull, Hull


Good read for friendship club

Our copies are used in our friendship club, which is an outreach from our church among senior citizens. It is enjoyed each month.

Val Martin, Clacton-on-Sea


Middle East encouragement

I have a contact who has moved to the UAE. She loves reading Inspire and says it helps to keep her going in a difficult working environment.

Major Sheila Smith, The Salvation Army, London N1


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