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15 May 2012: Dalai Lama £1m giveaway for the poor and science/faith research

The "power of compassion" has been highlighted at this year's award of the Templeton Prize to the Dalai Lama ... and some of the money will go into research into science and spirituality

12 May 2012: Handy web links for the Diamond Jubilee – are you organised yet?

Getting geared up for the Jubilee celebrations? These links might be handy ...

11 May 2012: The Olympic Truce - flying the flag for peace at the 2012 Games

Peace, reconciliation and the 2012 Games - and why I'm going on a prayer walk through London

10 May 2012: Elvis is alive and revving to go ...

Never mind the guy down the chip shop who thinks he's Elvis, Rev Andy Kelso knows he's not but is taking the King's songs and style into a whole new gospel ministry ...

09 May 2012: Adult playgrounds – the theory of nudge

Getting adults to exercise more effectively these days looks like it's all down to nudge theory ...

04 May 2012: Chariots of Fire – remastered and out before the 2012 Games

The story of 'Flying Scotsman' and missionary Eric Liddell is off the blocks and back into cinemas this summer ...

04 April 2012: The upgrade path

If we can't turn the clock back – why as Christians do we seem to want our old lives back?

04 April 2012: Living slowly

In a constantly connected world, it can be hard to deliberately switch off ...

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