Welcome to my Editor's Blog – I hope to write regularly on here about things that grab me and possess a spiritual dynamic. And we'll also carry the occasional guest blog, too. Do send me your feedback and comments. Just mail me, and I'll add comments on the bottom of each piece.

Russ Bravo, Editor

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10 June 2016: Guest blog: Catherine Butcher on how her home town is using The Servant Queen book

HOPE Communications Director Catherine Butcher on how Eastbourne in East Sussex is celebrating the Queen's birthday this weekend ...

02 March 2016: Should church be a no phone zone?

Can phones in Sunday worship genuinely be an aid to worship? Or should we all leave them at the door?

27 October 2014: Guest blog: Responding to the new plague – Canon J John on the Ebola epidemic

What does the Ebola epidemic mean? Canon J John reflects on the deadly virus ...

03 March 2014: Why keep Lent? Guest blog from J John

J John explores what Lent's all about - and why there's real value to a time of preparation

06 February 2014: Guest blog: J John on love and Valentine's Day

Third Century priest Valentine paid the ultimate price for putting the happiness of others before his own. Have we lost the value of sacrificial love?

30 January 2014: The Sunday sport dilemma - how does your family handle it?

When your children are sporty and their team plays on Sunday mornings, what's your approach?

29 January 2014: A video to get you motivated ...

Need a reminder of what God wants to do with your life?

23 December 2013: A very different Christmas ...

Andy Walton writes from Bethlehem ...

11 December 2013: J John on three encouragements from Nelson Mandela

Author and speaker J John reflects the South African leader's telling legacy ...

19 November 2013: Guest blog: incredible - and edible

Urban Pollinators' Julian Dobson on why community growing projects are Kingdom of God stuff

04 September 2013: Greenbelt 2013: Life Begins – reflections on a 40th anniversary festival

Russ Bravo looks back on a visit to the Greenbelt Festival, and finds an agent provocateur in rude health ...

24 July 2013: It's a Royal Baby – 10 things to do for you and your church

Wall to wall Royal Baby coverage – how are you responding? Some starters for 10 ...

30 May 2013: Five reasons why Big Church Day Out is excelling

Loved the event this year, so thought I'd try to analyse why it's working so well ...

04 April 2013: Guest blog: Andrew Graystone on the duty of care the media needs to shoulder

Church and Media Network director Andrew Graystone on the media's duty of care, in the light of the Philpott case

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