Southwell: Archbishop's award for Paul

Former Rector Chori of Southwell Minster, Paul Hale has been awarded the prestigious Thomas Cranmer Award for Worship.
In 2016 the Archbishop of Canterbury instituted this new award for church musicians and liturgists. Two of the first recipients were Philip Moore (York Minster Emeritus) and James Lancelot (Durham Cathedral).
The ceremony is at Lambeth Palace on Friday 9 June.  Paul, who retired from his role at the Minster last year, says: “I’m thrilled and honoured that this year Archbishop Justin is going to award it to me.  I see it as a real acknowledgement of all that we’ve accomplished at the cathedral and in the county and diocese over the past 27 years, and it will help keep Southwell’s name in the news – always a good thing.”
Paul and his wife, Anne are taking her sister, Catherine, as their guest.  

“I have recitals to give in South Wales on the Thursday and Saturday, so it looks as if the ‘rest day’ in between will be a mad dash to Lambeth Palace and back via the railway!” adds Paul.

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