Norwich: bishop grateful for giving increase

The Diocese of Norwich collected £7m from its parish churches and their congregations in 2016 – £1m more than four years before – a much improved financial position, the Bishop of Norwich has announced.

Bishop Graham James today wrote an open letter of thanks for the £7 million collected in parish share in 2016.  

“This is a huge achievement and a sign both of the vitality of the life of the parishes in this Diocese and the generosity of all of you who worship in them.

"The collection of parish share is now more than £1 million greater than it was just four years ago. This increase has only happened because the lay people of this Diocese value the ministry of their clergy and want to see the mission of the Church blessed,” he wrote.  

“Our much improved financial position enables us to address the challenges of the increases in population we are likely to see in Norfolk and north east Suffolk in the next decade, although it continues to be a challenge to attract clergy to this part of the world. I have noticed, however, that once they arrive here, most clergy love it and prove to be our best ambassadors.  

“In a diocese with a population of less than 900,000 and with 640 church buildings, it is a massive feat for which I thank God and pray for his blessing on all that we seek to do with the resources he gives us,” wrote Bishop Graham.

A full breakdown of figures is available here.

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