Global Bible study resources made available by Pais Movement

The Pais Movement will facilitate a global Bible study by providing free resources to help thousands of small groups all over the world study the Bible together.

Starting 27 March 2017, believers and non-believers alike are invited by the Pais Movement to participate in a two-part, two-week study entitled Gethsemane: What If God’s Will is Not Yours? in the form of Haverim Devotions.

Haverim Devotions is a unique study method, focused not on providing the ‘right answers’ but provoking the ‘right questions.’ It is specifically designed as a catalyst for the Pais Movement’s alternative approach to study, going 'beyond curriculum to culture'.

Based on Hebraic methods from more than 2000 years ago, it comprises a four-level process, providing a relevant way to understand and share scripture. It is simple and easy for anyone to adopt.

Each level of Haverim approaches the Bible in a unique way and appeals to all personality types. The four perspectives highlight the Pais Bible study distinctive, whereby the leader’s role is not to create a curriculum that tells others to fill in the gaps, but instead to respond to the needs of those they are teaching by leading them to arrive at their own conclusions.

The Haverim Bible study method is effectively being used on a weekly basis in small groups across the globe.

For this unique global Haverim, hundreds of people are encouraged to participate by registering at and using social media with the hashtag #globalhaverim to share their discoveries with the world and, in turn, to learn from the experiences other Haverim groups are having.

More information can be found at

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